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2021 ORMTA London Branch Provincial Student Competitions

The London Branch Student Competitions will take place virtually this year as will the zone competition and the provincial competition. Video submissions are by unlisted Youtube videos.   

There are 4 different categories:

  • Junior Competition (fee $25)    grade 8 or 9 pieces    time limit of 10 minutes – winner goes on to zone level only
  • Provincial Instrumental Competition (fee $30)    grade 10 and/or associate level pieces – 15-20 minutes time limit –  winner goes on to zone and possibly provincial levels
  • Provincial Vocal Competition (fee $30)    grade 9 and/or above pieces    15-20 minute time limit     winner goes on to zone and possibly provincial levels
  • Junior Student Adjudication (fee – $20)    grade 6 or 7 pieces    time limit of 6 minutes – adjudication only – non-competitive – London branch only

You can find the rules and regulations and entry forms for the Provincial Instrumental and Provincial Vocal Competitions at www.ormta.org under competitions and awards. The Guidelines for On-line Submissions can also be found there following the Rules. These entry forms are to be used at the zone and provincial competitions as well. Please note that the fees and deadline dates on the provincial forms are for the provincial competitions only, not for branch or zone competitions.

The winner in each category will go on to the zone level competition which is hosted by Windsor Branch with a deadline of Monday, May 17, 2021 for video submissions.  All entry forms, fees, pdf’s of repertoire and Youtube videos for the London Branch competition are due by Thursday May 6 and should be emailed to [email protected] . The fee can be sent by email transfer to [email protected] . The winners will be announced Monday May 10.

Feel free to contact Jan Danowski ([email protected] or 519-637-2815) if you need any further information.

Deadline for submission to Western Zone Competition: May 17th



Guidelines for the 2021 London ORMTA Student Competitions Video Submissions:

  • Programme must be submitted in one video. This may be edited between selections but not within selections. Please list the repertoire in the order they appear on video. 
  • Please use a YouTube compatible video format – MP4. It should be uploaded as unlisted to a YouTube channel (see below).
  • For piano, the video must clearly show the face, hands, and feet of the performer with as much of the body of the performer in the frame as possible.
  • For singers, the video must clearly show a full-frontal view of the face and most of the body of the performer.
  • The following information should be put in the “about” section of the video:

– competition category

– name of competitor

– repertoires titles and composers in the order of performance

– time and date of video

How to Create an unlisted YouTube video

  1. Go to www.youtube.com and sign in (or create a new account)
  2. Click the upload button in the upper right-hand corner (this may look like an arrow pointed upwards, or an icon of a video camera). This will take you through a dedicated upload page.
  3. Choose video source and privacy settings. Select ‘unlisted’.
  4. Managing the upload. Here you can enter the information required about the video for the competition (see above, under Guidelines).
  5. Click ‘Done’ or ‘Publish’ to finalize. If you wish to privately share the video, you can click the ‘share’ button on the right instead. 

Please note that unlisted YouTube videos are secure. The video will only be viewable by those that you have shared the link with.

The entry form, link(s) to your MP4 video recording, and pdf of repertoire should be sent to Jan Danowski ([email protected]) and the entry fee to [email protected] by Thurs., May 6.


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